I live by the saying “La Belle Vie” which translates to “Life is Beautiful”. A near death experience at a young age taught me to appreciate life. Even through tough times, I believe that it is a “beautiful struggle” and always try to find good within life’s challenges. There is a lesson in all that happens … it is all about perspective.


La Belle Vie Essentials is an organization focused on providing mentorship of self-acceptance and self-love to women through various seasons in their life. With years of experience in Human Resources, mentorship and ministry, I have been able to motivate many to walk in their purpose on purpose in many areas. The goal is to educate, encourage, equip and empower to reach goals within their personal lives, professionally and spiritually.


Through blogs/vlogs, one-on-one sessions, groups sessions, panel discussions and speaking engagements –my prayer is that someone will learn to manage through every season and reap a great harvest. Remember, in every season … life is beautiful.