With the focus of the various “seasons” we go through, the four main areas can be tailored to the need of the client. The goal is to educate, encourage, equip and empower!

Just like Spring, in this season - seeds take root, vegetation grows, animals are awake and there is an increase of rain. It is important that in this season you not only plant but prepare for the harvest. This is the season where you are putting in work, working while you wait and preparing for an amazing harvest. Key components in this season: work, work and more work!

Spiritual: Building a plan for spiritual growth and gaining spiritual maturity. This will include an emphasis on spiritual goals, Bible Reading (mediating the word) and prayer. There will be trainings on praying boldly and learning the importance of speaking life. 

Personal or Professional: Building a strategic plan tailored to reach goals. The goals must follow the S.M.A.R.T. model and also a proper design for facing obstacles. Whether the goal is losing weight, pursuing higher education, career advancement or switching a career path, the plan will focused on planting to receive a great harvest. 


Just like Summer, in this season the temperatures are the hottest, there are droughts and heat waves. There are moments when the rainfall can increase and decrease.  It is important that in this season you build a strategic plan, learn great skills to cope under fire and push through obstacles. Key components in this season: strategy, coping and pushing through!

Spiritual: There will be obstacles along the way and the “waiting” season is a challenge. Things may feel unstable during this period so it important to keep your eyes on the prize. Spiritually it is vital to harness great coping skills and standing on the Word of God. 

Personal or Professional: There will be obstacles along the way and the “waiting” season is a challenge. Things may feel unstable during this period so it important to keep your eyes on the prize. At times where we fail, a recovery plan is needed. 

Just like in Autumn, in this season the temperature is cool, plants grow dormant and it is time to celebrate the harvest. It is important that although you have a great harvest and skillset, you must continuously prune yourself and take it to the next level. Key components in this season: consistency, pruning, and enhancing!

Spiritual: You have reaped the harvest and achieved your goals! Why stop here! It is time to enhance what you have learned and mastered and experience elevation. The foundation has been laid, but are you walking in your purpose? Are you consistent in your walk? It is time to be consistent, harness your talents and enhance the tools in your toolbox.

Personal or Professional: You are walking in your season of harvest, but you cannot celebrate forever! The skills you have gained overtime need to be pruned and taken to the next level. We will discuss your current state and how we can augment your purpose and skills personally and/or professionally. 

Just like Winter, in this season we experience cold temperatures, and animals find ways to keep warm and hibernate. At this time you must remain consistent and committed to ensure that you continuously grow and not become complacent. Key components in this season: retaining, accountability, and motivation. 

Spiritual: Complacency is the cousin of death. It is important thatin this season you remain committed and consistentwith your spiritual goals. It is important to retain your spiritual growth, surround yourself with accountability and stay motivated. 

Personal or Professional: In order to fight complacency, accountability and motivation is needed to continue to strive forward. It is important to retain all that has been gained through various seasons, but also push forward to fight stagnation.