Women of Faith: Jochebed (Moses' Mother)

Hey FAMily! I am back like I never left! I missed blogging and connecting with you, so I decided since March is Women’s History Month – it would be a great time to come back. We will start with a series that correlates with the Bible Reading Challenge of this month which is “Women of Faith”.


What’s the Definition of faith? Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (NIV). Faith is truly about believing without seeing.

The Bible is FULL of women who showcased faith in times of adversity. This is a characteristic of a true trailblazer. Today we will focus on Moses’ mother – Jochebed. While preparing for this blog I had to ask myself – was her name ever mentioned in the Bible? I honestly couldn’t remember. The answer is YES! However, how many times do women make history and they are unsung heroes, names never mentioned, and they are never acknowledged for their contributions.

Jochebed took a major leap of faith and placed her newborn baby in a river because she stood on the promises of God. And like Jochebed, we, as women, do the same day in and day out. Mothers send their children off to school or daycare in the crazy world we live in. Entrepreneurs put their dreams and visions out for all to see, in hopes that others will respond and support. Professionals and students put their best efforts forward in hopes that they will reach their accomplishments.

Much like Jochebed we place our hearts into a basket, stand at the riverbed, and wait. Think about the emotions and feelings Jochebed had when she placed Moses down and had to back away. Imagine being her as she left him here alone in the water. Miriam (Moses’ sister) watched from a distant place on the shore, but Jochebed, his mother had to let him go.

The amazing thing is – God is faithful and meets us in our need just in the nick of time.

Exodus 2:5 says “Then the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself by the Nile, while her attendants were walking alongside the river, and she saw the basket among the reeds. She sent one of her attendants, took it”.

At that very instant, Miriam steps forward and approaches Pharaohs’ daughter and volunteers to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the child, and whom did she come back with? Moses’ own mother. So Jochebed got her own child back, at least for a while. Like seriously? You cannot believe this was a coincidence. This was a DIVINE intervention and part of God’s plan.

You see, Jochebed’s name means, “Honor of God” or “God is glory”. God received the glory in the situation because it worked out in Jochebed’s favor. The truth is we need to  “Let it go and trust God” so that He gets all the glory.

What are some areas of your life you need to stop holding on to and start trusting God? Is it your past? Are you walking in fear? In this year, I pray that you walk in faith like Jochebed and allow God to get the glory in YOUR life!

Check in next Saturday, as we discuss Hannah!

For His Glory Only,
Danielle J.