Motivational Monday: Deal with Anger

 #MotivationalMonday Happy Monday beautiful people! One thing I have learned is that anger cripples you. You cannot allow it to control you. My biggest battles have been won when I have remained silent and allowed God to move. Psalm 4:4 tells us to mediate overnight and do not sin. Sometimes it takes a good night rest to realize the things you are worried about and/or are angry about have no meaning. Let's make a commitment to not walk in anger, but in love. Lets examine ourhearts in this season to ensure we are reflecting Christ. Be blessed!!


For His Glory Only,

Danielle J.

June - Bible Reading Challenge

La Belle Vie is starting a new monthly initiative for the remainder of 2016. This initiative is in place to encourage our followers to read the word daily. The "Bible Reading Challenge" will either have a general theme or we will read certain books of the Bible together.

For the month of June we are reading Scripture that empowers us to have "No Fear"! Let's walk in authority and know that if God is with us - no one [or thing] can be against us.

Join us by doing the following:
- Read the Scriptures everyday
- Use the hashtags #nofear and #LBVJuneBibleChallenge
- Tag the La Belle Vie page if you post the verse of the day
- Stay tuned for the end of the month discussion on the Scriptures read


For His glory only, XOXO Danielle J.

For His glory only,
Danielle J.