"ICE": In Case of Emergency

As you may know, a tragic incident took place on Sunday, June 12th in Orlando, FL. There were forty-nine individuals who lost their lives in a senseless domestic act of terrorism. If you have not kept up with story, you can find updates and information here.

One of the topics that haven't been discussed heavily is the challenge local officials had with contacting next of kin for those injured and those deceased. We all know our phones are locked, but that poses a challenge in emergency situations. This was the case in the wake of this tragedy.

I want to encourage you all to place this information on your phone so it is retrievable even if your phone is locked. Both iPhone and Andriod have this capability.

Here is an article with more information: ICE: In Case of Emergency

After reading the above article or my post and you want to add the "ICE" information/Medical ID information, you can use the following videos as a tutorial.

iPhone users can use this quick tutorial via YouTube be following the link here.

Andriod users can use this quick tutorial via YouTube be following the link here.


Please share this information with your friends and family. Although I pray that this will NEVER be needed in your lifetime, I just want everyone to have the greatest chance of survival if anything were to ever happen.


My heart & prayers goes out to the victim's families & friends, those who survived and the entire city of Orlando.


For His glory only,
Danielle J.

P.S. If you live in Florida, there is also a way to link your emergency contact information to your driver's license. Please use this link here to get this completed. Special thanks to one of our awesome supporters Ashley B. for the information.