Giving Tuesday

As part of La Belle Vie Essentials’ four-point agenda we are committed to servicing the community and outreach via social media to aide in promoting Christ. For 2015 we would like to highlight five other organizations that you can contribute by providing a donation which would help assist the mission and vision for the organization. In alphabetical order:

1. BETA Center – Orlando, FL (http://www.betacenter.org )

The mission of this organization is to give children and parents the knowledge and support needed for strong and healthy families, with a focus on teen moms and at-risk families

2. Black History Project (http://www.blackhistoryproject.org)

This organization is focused on educating African-American children in learning history, understanding culture and building a positive self-image.

3. House of Timothy (http://www.houseoftimothy.com ) / Element 26 (http://www.element26.org/)

House of Timothy is a comprehensive residential center for young adult men, ages 18-25. House of

Timothy makes it possible for residents to work on their goals, complete their education, find or keep a job and grow closer to Jesus Christ.

4. P.U.S.H. (http://www.push4life.org/ )

The objective of the organization is to push people mentally, physically as well as spiritually to reach their maximum individual potential; all the while training the body to be fully equipped to take on an all inclusive healthy life. Most importantly teaching the fundamentals of what it means in wearing the full armor of God. Once you purchase the eBook or make a donation, a portion is given to feed those in need.

5. She Is Victorious (http://sheisvictorious465.com/ )
The objective of this organization is to encourage, uplift and inspire young girls and women of all ages to claim their victory! With the mission to instill confidence and purpose, this organization serves as a constant reminder that no matter what an individual faces “God is within her, she will not fail” (Psalm 46:5)