Wifey Wednesday: Being Single & Content


Now before you kill me, hear me out! I can already hear you saying “That’s easy for her to say, she’s already married” or even rolling your eyes! Listen Linda, listen!! As I stated on a previous blog, I was single for 7 years. The photo on this blog was on my birthday on 2013 and I was very much SINGLE. Don’t I look happy? It is because I actually was. On that day my coworkers kept complimenting me stating I was glowing and looked happy … not all my birthdays were like that truth be told. The most important thing is at this point in the journey – I was content. It took me a long time to get to this place, but ultimately I believe this is the lesson God was teaching me.

Don’t get me wrong! I love my husband and thank God each day He saw it fit for us to be together. The lesson(s) I needed to learn had to be during my singleness and wilderness period. God had to refine me to be able learn & understand … “in every circumstance give thanks” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). I had to give thanks when I wanted to be married and wasn’t, had to give thanks when I was frustrated with my job, had to give thanks when it seemed that the world was crashing around me. The thing is … in every season … life is beautiful. The moment you focus on your problems and what you don’t have, the BIGGER it becomes. Why not focus your energy elsewhere and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus? I look back on those moments I was worrying and just feel terrible. It was such a waste of time and emotions. Thankfully I always bounced back quick, but if you are not that type PLEASE surround yourself with people that will help you.

If you are single I want you to do the following – Take out a sheet of paper and follow these instructions:
First side of the paper
- Write down why being single worries you
- Rank each numerically from highest to lowest (#1 being the item that worries you the most)
- Next to each write down how that point adds to your life
- At the bottom of the page write down Matthew 6:27, Matthew 6:34 and Proverbs 3:5-6

Second side of paper
- Write down your top 5 goals
- Rank each numerically from highest to lowest (#1 being the item you want to achieve most)
- Next to each write how achieving the goal will make you feel
- Skip a couple lines – write down what you will do for FUN (at least one)

*Keep this sheet of paper near and refer to it on the days you are down*

In total transparency – I had to do a similar exercise and it helped me to learn to have a heart of gratitude.

I wanted to encourage my single followers as we embark on this journey of having an “Attitude of Gratitude” this month! Celebrate where you have been, where you are and where you are about to go! God has amazing things in store for you, and you DO NOT need a man for God to fulfill it! *finger snaps* Now… there will be other things God will want you to accomplish and He will place the RIGHT person by your side to achieve it. Relax! God got this!! Love yall!

For His Glory Only,
Danielle J.