2019 Word of the Year

Hey beautiful people! I know it has been a while! My apologies! This year has been quite a ride but I’m thankful I am still here.

It’s official! 2019 has started and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a fresh start. Did you take a moment to see what God has for you this coming year? What story does He have planned for you this coming year?

In the most recent years, I have stopped and asked God what is my word or theme of the year. I want to encourage you to do the same. This can be revealed and confirmed through a song, scripture, title of a book or conference or something you see consistently. I want you to be intentional about receiving your “word” or “theme” for the year and created a document that will assist in the process.

Here the documents you can download to discover your word/theme for 2019:
My Word for 2019

Before engaging in this process, I encourage you spend some time in worship, praying and fasting. Get to a place of full surrender because at the end of the day – God’s plan is best!


Danielle Joseph