God has the FINAL Say

As we go through life - we face so many obstacles but we must be determined to keep the faith.

This week has been tough from bad news to worst news. God reminded me HE has the final say. As I drove into work this morning, He confirmed those words as the devotion playing on the radio was "Jesus has the FINAL say". Tears streamed down my face as I thanked God for thinking of me in the small things. That word of encouragement is exactly what I needed. Later on in the day - one of the items I was fearful about was quickly resolved.

I want to encourage you and remind you that God has the final say in EVERY aspect of your life. You can find the link to the Devotion here.

Remember that God is the one who has the FINAL say! Be encouraged.

Many Blessings to you!

For His glory only,
Danielle J.